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Estońskie Muzeum Narodowe

        Muzeum Narodowe, Ministerstwo Kultury i Stowarzyszenie Architektów Estonii ogłaszają międzynarodowy konkurs na nowy zespół budynków Estońskiego Muzeum Narodowego.

autor: David
źródło: SARP Kraków,

Termin składania prac upływa 22 listopada 2005.
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Oryginalne ogłoszenie:


The Estonian National Museum in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and the Union of Estonian Architects announces an international architecture competition for the new Estonian National Museum building complex.

The goal of the architecture competition is to achieve the best architectural solution for the new Estonian National Museum building complex, including planning of the grounds. The future building site is in Tartu: the Raadi manor and immediate surrounding area.

The Estonian National Museum was founded in 1909. The museum's mission is the collection, preservation, research and presentation of the culture and history of the Estonian people, other Finno-Ugric nations, and minorities in Estonia. The Estonian National Museum is currently housed in different buildings in the city centre of Tartu. The new Estonian National Museum building is to be a visitor-friendly and attractive modern museum and cultural complex whose sphere of influence will not be confined to Tartu, but rather will extend to all of Estonia and its populace.

The competition begins on 22 June and ends on 10 November 2005. The results of the competition will be announced in January 2006 when entries will go on display in the Estonian National Museum Exhibition House.

The architecture competition is open to members of architects associations or corresponding specialist or professional associations in European Union member states. The languages of the competition are Estonian and English.

The prize fund of 1,700,000 EEK (121405.75 EUR), will be distributed as follows:
I prize 700,000 EEK (44728.34 EUR)
II prize 500,000 EEK (31948.88 EUR)
III prize 300,000 EEK (19169.33 EUR)
2 purchase awards, each 100,000 EEK (6389.78 EUR)

The competition jury is made up of Chairman Raivo Palmaru (Minister of Culture of the Republic of Estonia); and members Dominique Perrault (architect, France), Winy Maas (architect, Netherlands), Andres Alver (architect, Estonia), Rein Murula (architect, Estonia), Jaanus Plaat (director of the Estonian National Museum), Tiit Sild (Tartu city architect, Estonia) and Peeter Mauer (Ministry of Culture, advisor on museums).

The area of the competition encompasses the elongated Raadi lake, to the north and northeast of which is situated the Raadi manor complex. The main building, in ruins, is under conservation. To the west, the area of competition is bounded by a garden neighbourhood of private homes, to the east and northeast by the Raadi airfield, to the north by agricultural and vacant land.
Raadi Park is under environmental protection and so this area must become a green belt that is freely accessible. Proposals must be made regarding planning for the building-free areas. The museum plans to make use of the building-free area as a place for various open-air events.

Information on the architecture competition and its terms and conditions is available on the competition homepage There is a registration fee for the competition.

The international architecture competition, after the completion of the Art Museum of Estonia, is the second major public procurement in the area of culture in Estonia and has great importance from the standpoint of research and exhibition of the cultures of both Estonian and Finno-Ugric cultures.

The Estonian National Museum hopes that the museum will be completed by 2009, which is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the museum.

The organization of the architecture competition is being financed by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

Further information:

Agnes Aljas, Estonian National Museum project manager, phone +372 7422040 or
Anni Nool, Union of Estonian Architects project manager, phone +372 6411 737 or
Pille Epner, Union of Estonian Architects project manager, phone +372 6411 737 or